Program 01: Old Ma Bentley’s


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A fascinating tour through time around St Mary’s Flower Gardens bringing to life the allure of a hidden pond to a group of kids.

Picture of Peter reminiscing in St Mary's Flower Garden

Show Notes

Duration: 10:08 (time shown in minutes)

  • 0:00  Introductory music by Camille Saint Saens – Carnaval des animaux – XII Fossiles by Aitua on the Free Music Archive.
  • 0:17 Introduction to Peter, a resident of Prestwich
  • 1:00 St Mary’s flower gardens. What was here in the past? How did it influence your childhood? (1:15 sound of sirens)
  • 2:00 Gang of kids (2:20 cheap joke about mobiles!)
  • 2:30 What was Old Ma Bentley’s?
  • 4:10 What was the appeal of the place to a young child? Pond with frogs, newts, tadpoles and diving beetles.
  • 6:10 What is a Clough?
  • 7:00 The effect of the motorway.
  • 8:00 Thanks for Peter’s reflections
  • 9:25 Closing music by Camille Saint Saens – Carnaval des animaux – XII Fossiles by Aitua on the Free Music Archive.



5 thoughts on “Program 01: Old Ma Bentley’s

  1. Old ma Bentley house is not still there it was demolished and a new house was built but I did the same thing sneaking into to play in the pond


    • It’s great to hear from you Dominic. It’s also nice to know that Old Ma Bentley’s is not just a figment of Peter’s imagination! I’m sure that Peter would recognise you as one of the tadpole collecting compatriots! It strikes me that the undocumented history that is our childhood experiences, turn out to be just as important as the official version of historic events. Many thanks for sharing this. Eddy


  2. We always believed old ma bentlys was haunted being 15 years younger we played there at a different time . It was empty and falling to pieces but you could get into it from like a greenhouse attatched to the side .but never got far inside before you ran out saying you heard something . I recall the pond being a long rectangle but never really really went up to it . It was knocked down many years ago and a huge house is in its place but plain looking in comparison


  3. I lived in Prestwich Clugh literally in Clough Walks, I went to check it out a couple of years ago and you could not even tell there had been houses there. The farm was still there at the bottom of the road surprisingly. I wonder if it’s still in the Chadwick family. Angela Carter nee Jones


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