Program 05: Uncovering stories in a churchyard

Let’s take an audio tour around St Mary’s Churchyard in Prestwich (Greater Manchester) in the company of Bill Cottam. Even without the Christmas card, Bill is a treasure trove of stories about people that have lived and died in Prestwich.

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Bill and Ron from the Churchyard Action Group

Show Notes

Runtime: 14’57”

  • 0’0” Introductory music – Ferdinando Carulli – Op 317 Divertissement no 1 performed by Aitua
  • 0’15” An introduction to Bill Cottam, leader of the Churchyard Action Group for St Mary’s Church in Prestwich
  • 0’47” How long has this church been here?
  • 0’59” Why spend time in a churchyard?
  • 01’55” Reasons for ‘M’s on the flagstones
  • 02’20” The oldest grave in the churchyard
  • 03’56” An interesting tomb
  • 05’15” The mystery of the missing sundial
  • 06’00” Description of the William Sturgeon grave
  • 07’15” The funeral of Sir William Fairburn
  • 08’44” The Gothic chest of John Slag
  • 09’55” The three graves of the Artisans Naturalists
  • 11’00” Parking on top of the River Jordan
  • 11’40” The Monument to unmarked graves
  • 12’25” War graves maintained on behalf of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • 13’50” Understanding social history in Prestwich
  • 14’20” Thanks to Bill and an invitation to join the Churchyard Action Group

4 thoughts on “Program 05: Uncovering stories in a churchyard

  1. I was a choir boy at st marys, 1968 ish on one of the churches pillars inside we all could see a faint markings of a skull 💀, I still believe it’s still there


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